The manufacturing process for refrigeration cabinets makes use of sheet metal for the production of the outer shell and the inner cabinet, allowing for the refrigeration process to take place with quality components making up the display cabinets. At Celcius Refrigeration we do not need to outsource elements of the refrigeration production process, as we have our own sheet metal shop that allows us to custom build refrigeration display cabinets and components according to the specific requirements of our clients.

Our fully fledged sheet metal shop is complete with a bending press and guillotine which are automated and manual, allowing us to undertake notching and deal with stainless steel in the production of quality refrigeration. We also do our own welding and CO2 welding within our sheet metal shop, unveiling a full service workshop for bespoke refrigeration production.

Along with our sheet metal shop, we also have our own electrical department, where we are capable of building our own electrical control boards for use within the refrigeration elements that we produce, and these are COC Certified (Certificate of Conformance).

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